City of Lawrence Logo Design

Client: City of Lawrence, KS Location: Lawrence, KS Designed with the Fiery history of Lawrence in mind. The Eldridge Hotel was burned to the ground three times by William Quantrill and his Raiders. The fact that it was rebuilt each time became symbolic of the town’s resilience. Thus the subtle allusion to the mythical phoenix.

Optimal Living Meals

Client: Optimal Living Meals Website URL: Location: Baldwin City, KS Optimal Living Meals is focused on whole foods that nourish and the clean eating experience. The design uses a fresh, bright green with natural textures to embody the health and wholesome values of the brand. 

Midland Genetics Website

Client: Midland Genetics Website URL: Location: Ottawa, KS The Midland Genetics website needed to sort and organize large amounts of research and results. The design is clear columns and pops of color to add interest and variety to each page.

1366 Technologies Website

Client: 1366 Technologies Website URL: Location: Boston, MA 1366 Technologies is a solar energy company with multiple locations such as Boston, Shanghai, and Mumbai. The website had to explain the science and technology of the company in a clean and professional way that could connect people from around the world, which includes a fully translated website into Mandarin.