Dr. Brian Website

Client: Dr. Brian Russell Website URL: drbrianrussell.com Location: Lawrence, KS Dr. Brian Russell needed a website that would showcase his work as a Psychologist, Lawyer, Author, and Television Personality. His work had a primarily preexisting color scheme of black, white, and red. By using those colors for the website, it sets up a complementary background.

Royal Blue Capital Logo

Client: Royal Blue Capital Location: Kansas City, Missouri Royal Blue Capital is an investment bank in Kansas City. The monochromatic color scheme reflects the company and the city itself. The icon uses the curves of the letters R and B to create an eye-catching and abstract mark.

PCN Website

Client: PCN Inc. Website URL: http://pcn-inc.com Location: Philadelphia, PA A well-structured website with large of amounts of information for the viewer. Through the use of color blocking, bullets, and side bars it creates consistency and organization throughout the entire site. Light blues and greens help to visually lighten the information.