Lawrence Sports Corporation Website

Client: Lawrence Sports Corporation Website URL: Location: Lawrence, KS Lawrence Sports Corporation promotes, organizes and supports sporting events in Lawrence. Annual events they host include Lawrence Shot Put, Junior Olympics events, Tour of Lawrence Bike Ride and more! Their website serves as a resource for information as well as ticketing and sponsorships.

Newsome Development Website

Client: Newsome Development Website URL: Location: Lawrence KS Newsome Development is a real estate development and investment firm for student housing, multifamily and healthcare market segments. The logo uses a subtle geometric font to reflect the structural elements of the brand and the letter ‘S’ in the middle reflects the community aspect of apartments.

PK Therapy Website

Client: PK Therapy Website URL: Location: Lawrence, KS PK Therapy is an occupational therapy service, specializing in helping kids with sensory processing disorder. Their website features a simple, clean design with pops of their brand colors: bright pink and dark blue.

Evolution Athletics Website

Client: Evolution Athletics Website URL: Location: Lawrence, KS Evolution Athletics is a sports performance facility that focuses on youth athletic development, including injury prevention techniques, hypertrophy (muscle size), basic strength, speed and power development. Their website is dark and gritty, featuring bright colors that fit within their brand.

1366 Technologies Website

Client: 1366 Technologies Website URL: Location: Boston, MA 1366 Technologies is a solar energy company with multiple locations including Boston, Shanghai and Mumbai. The website had to explain the science and technology of the company in a clean and professional way that could connect people from around the world, which includes a fully translated website into Mandarin.